There should be a "Captain" in there somewhere!

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides a few days ago! It was about time I got to see some Jack Sparrow on the big screen if you ask me. XD Other than that things haven't been too interesting. I've just been keeping myself busy with work and projects. Also trying to get over a cold (super annoying) and of course that's made me a bit lazy. Putting me in a better mood and in preparation for the summer I've been listening to the following mix. Have a listen to some upbeat music:

May 26, 2011


I want to see that movie, but

I want to see that movie, but I'm hearing mixed reviews from it. Some say it was REALLY good, and some say it was REALLY bad.
I'm sick right now too, and it's soo annoying! It also makes you sooo lazy!

haha, you are welcome! oh, i

haha, you are welcome! oh, i totally got stressed out after myspace changed, i even ended up taking a hiatus.

I KNOWWWW!!! personally i don't think ANY of the characters could be better cast, paul is a perfect stefan, and ian is a PERRRFECTTTT damon, oh yeah and everyone else is perfect, too! for real.

i didn't even realize that VD were books until halfway through the season one, and as soon as i figured it out i read them! well, actually i got to the third one, and even tho i really kinda hate elena, i couldn't suffer through reading anymore after they killed her off and bonnie took over, i really should try to start again. lmao.

oh yeah!! heck, if i had the

oh yeah!! heck, if i had the money i would buy it just to turn it back to the way it was orginally i do believe a lot of people would come back, people like facebook because of the simplicity, and bringing the simplicity back to myspace and keeping the customization would be the smartest thing to do!

me too!!! right now i couldn't IMAGINE life without VD!

see... i LOVED the first ones, like i said i got like halfway through the one with bonnie as the main character and was like... yeah... i can't do this anymore!! BUT i TOTALLY agree they couldn't have done ANYTHING better with the show so far! i mean, USUALLY people HATE it when books aren't redone to the T, but in this case it turned out SO SO SO SO much better! lmao, DAMON TOTALLY MAKES THE WHOLE BOOK (AND SHOW!)

so i just realized i semi-yelled at you throughout this comment, but i assure you it was not out of anger, just emphasis! :)

HAHAHA!!! totally agree! she

HAHAHA!!! totally agree!

she isn't my favorite character either, but i do like her better in the show than i did in the book, but i still believe that damon is wayyyyy too good for elena, i mean the way she treats him makes me LOATHE her!

haha, yeah! i honestly can't think of any other instance where a show or movie was better than the actual book!

OHHH!!! And before i forget

OHHH!!! And before i forget to tell you your updates look good!!!

I wasn't all that interested

I wasn't all that interested when I first heard this movie was coming out; by the third one, I figured they were going to be done with it plus, I thought this new one would have had a different story line. I don't know if you've ever watched the end of the third one completely till the end credits, but Will returns 10 years later and he has a son; I thought they would have went off with that? Guess not. I might see this one, one day but I won't pay to see it. Doesn't help that Disney is already planning on releasing a fifth and sixth film to the series. Talk about overkill.

haha! you are welcome! yeah!

haha! you are welcome!

yeah! i totally agree, and i know! I mean, sure i USED to be Team Stefan, but still after you really get to know Damon and his sweet side, I can't imagine ever being able to lead such a perfectly kind guy, when it comes down to it, that's Damon! Kind! Though he doesn't like to show it! Haha!

Speaking of Elena and Damon check this out:

makes me wanna cry a bit inside.

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